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orange-profile-shanspacerOh look at this. An “about me” page, where I wax poetic about how awesome I am and how much I love x, y, and z. PS: that is zed, not zee. I’m a Canuck living southside and for the past little while I’ve been a dual citizen. Go me! I’m still a proud Canadian, I even did a full months worth of veganizing Canadian recipes!

Speaking of vegan. Yep, the V word. I am not vegan. I know, it’s weird. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 10 (started transitioning when I was 8ish) and haven’t really looked back. I have a problem with the enzymes in my stomach so meaty things kind of hurt to digest so I just avoid them. I’m not an animal rights activist, I’m a vegetarian for health. Not to say I’m down with animal cruelty but I’m not going to push a veg diet on anyone or show some explicit photos of animal cruelty to get my point across. I firmly believe that there should be a balanced diet in everyone’s household. Eating veggies is important and I just want everyone to branch out from beige and starches. That’s about as preachy as I get. I do make my recipes vegan since I eat mostly vegan and it helps out others who are following a stricter lifestyle.

canuck-shanIn case you haven’t noticed, I like to bake. Yep, this is a primary baking blog. I love baking vegan, it’s such a challenge and I love to take it on! Sometimes it flops and sometimes it works out. I really love trying other people’s recipes and giving them credit for their efforts here. There’s not a lot of recipe author love and I really dig sharing what I’m making in my own kitchen with my friend and family in this blog format. I’ve been known to feed many a skeptic tofu based products and them come back for more. Feeding people sugar is my jam. Hah. Get it? I’m also very bad at jokes. Anyway, I’m obviously quite the dork.

But there’s more to me than that! I have a full-time job in marketing, and I have an old bulimic cat who doesn’t have the best instincts but at least she’s cute. I ride a motorcycle and I love to hike and play tennis. My husband Ben and I live in the Bay Area in California and I love it to death. No more snowy winters! We’ve lived in Missouri twice and here in the Bay Area three different times since I moved down here from Canada in 1998. I’m always looking forward to my next adventure and I hope you have a fun time on my blog!

If you need to holler at me, hit me up at shannon@killerbunniesinc.com!


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