Wow, that was a hiatus!

I don’t have any photos of baked goods, so I might as well show myself.

Don’t Call It A Comeback… It Probably Isn’t.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Not that I haven’t thought about it, I do reference my blog quite a bit when I’m baking, but I was just burnt out. Burnt out to the core.

This blog had a long run. I stopped hanging out with food bloggers, stopped going to food conventions, stopped trying to tiptoe around the vegans (as a vegetarian) and honestly, I just moved on with my life. I didn’t stop baking fully, but I wasn’t baking every day, and in fact, I have been rarely baking in the past year. It stopped being a stress relief for me during the blog times, and became more about the perfect photo. Then, without the blog I just didn’t feel like baking at all.

And that is okay.

In the past few years, I’ve done so much! Lots of “undocumented” travel (well, we have Google Photos to the rescue), hair changes, work changes, and even fitness changes. Oh, and kittens, those two are the majority of my time if you have kept up on Instagram.

Blogging has stepped out of fashion. But I’m not sure I’m really into vlogging or other forms of online expansion of my “brand”. Instagram is my favourite at the moment, and if anything I’ll post there. It doesn’t require long form writing (as you can see, my long form has not improved), but I do miss sharing things here, especially recipes I’m trying.

So do I keep the lights on? Still undecided, but I know there are cobwebs in the admin section here that need to be swept up, and wow, broken links. I’ll have to update a lot of recipes that had links to the actual recipe details.

This is how this whole post started. I’m planning my annual king cake, and *poof* the recipe disappeared. I have it in an email of course, but it’s not on my blog anymore! So, went to start to fix that up and fell down a rabbit hole of decisions.

And wrote a long winded post where I do not say much.

Maybe blogging IS for me, hah!

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