SUNFLOWER SEED OATMEAL BARSI haven’t made a bar in awhile, and I’ve been craving something with oatmeal. I bookmarked this Sunflower Seed Oatmeal Bar recipe with plans to veganize it. Margarine, egg replacer and voila! A tasty vegan treat.

SUNFLOWER SEED OATMEAL BARS-2I love brown sugar so I was happy to add the full cup to this treat. I was worried about the chocolate and the sunflower seeds being only on the top but it was nice. The husband is addicted to sunflower seeds so keeping enough in the house to make these before they got inhaled was a trying matter. Hint: I hid them so he had no clue. I did love how these turned out, so they will go on the make again list for me. 


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