Adagio Green Pekoe Tea

I got a tea of the month club subscription from my most excellent brother inlaw. Dude pays attention, that’s for sure. I haven’t really ventured a lot into the Adagio teas, so I’m pretty excited to have a year full!

adagio green pekoe teaI got the greens, so first stop is Green Pekoe. I grew up on orange pekoe so I thought I knew what was coming. I was so wrong, this is nothing like your traditional orange pekoe. Mostly, no orange or bergamot, doh. This tea has a grassy taste and has a heavy seaweed accent. Very heavy, but I like it. I didn’t get any bitterness but I did end up with a bit of hay taste. So grassy, hay seaweed. Man, I’m sure not good at turning you guys on to tea. It was a tasty one though, a fun start to my tea of the month club.

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