Wilbur’s Watch Pescadero CA Hike

Wilburs Watch Pescadero HikeWell, I meant to go on a New Years Day hike but it didn’t happen. No matter, only a few days late. To be honest, I meant to go to Ano Nuevo again to see the elephant seals but you have to go on a guided tour this month because it’s breeding season and I didn’t want to do a guided tour. I’ll wait until April, no biggie, the elephant seals are there all year.

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-2So I had to figure out something last minute, but I still wanted to go to the coast. I found Wilbur’s Watch and it looked easy enough for the 2 of us. Just kind of slight incline switchbacks, no biggie.

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-3

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-4It’s by Pigeon Point, which has a lighthouse (and a hostel). Not far down the coast from me, which is good because it was supposed to rain this afternoon. I did drag the husband along, it was a nice hike.

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-6

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-7It was about 50 degrees but the wind started to pick up. Still beautiful. There’s a lookout point a mile up the trail at the end point which was a perfect way to relax and enjoy the day.

Wilburs Watch Pescadero Hike-8

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