Strawberry Pie

strawberry pie

strawberry pie-2How embarrassing is it that I have been so lame at blogging I forgot to do a post around xmas when I made a Strawberry Pie? I just found these festive photos on my camera. But hey, look at my cute table cover and Christmas Tree! *sigh*

strawberry pie-3The pie? It was tasty and pretty darn easy to make. It’s always the crust that is annoying, so hey, buy one if you don’t feel like making a darn crust. You are worth it. My lattice skills were lacking on the day I made this pie however nary a complaint was to be had. Because: pie.

strawberry pie-4My strawberries were December berries, so to be fair the pie was a bit more tart so, if you are using summer in season berries, reduce the sugar a bit if you want it less sweet. I prefer more sweet myself, because I can never get enough sugar. Always keep a sheet under your pie pan, mine leaked, but it was worth it.

strawberry pie-5

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