Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I’ve pretty much let the blog be for a long time, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to share goals. Goals are good! Last year I was pretty good with the whole January goals thing instead of August/September. So let’s do this again.

What happened with last years goals?

2015 Goal #1: 365 Purge

2015-09-28 17.15.47Yep. Totally complete. I got rid of way more than 365 things. However, this is sad since I still have a long way to go. It’s not like I live in a hoarders paradise, but I don’t feel complete yet. Last count was well over 400 and I kind of stopped counting around the holidays. I didn’t get rid of a lot of big items, most things do have a place now. I acquired a car, oops? At least I swapped it out, so even there I guess. I still feel a bit burdened by my items, however it’s a work in progress. Plus, I do live with another person, so lots of compromise. I can get rid of everything I own, but I have to deal with another’s chaos (it’s not bad, I’m just pointing out it’s not 100% my space).

2015 Goal #2: My health is important

2015-11-30 08.14.2750% of goal achieved? I went through a lot of good spurts with health and fitness, but I went through some stressful darker times for months. I’m kind of sad I couldn’t keep the consistency. When I was on and good to myself I was feeling better but I got burnt out from pushing so hard and keeping up with my hectic work schedule. Example: I went through a 12 week program and on week 11 I ended up crying while lifting weights I pushed so hard. I actually had good results but it wasn’t good for my mental health. I’m still trying to figure this out, I didn’t take it seriously enough. I’m still hobbling around from 15 miles of swimming (ps: that’s too much in a month if you aren’t used to even swimming 1 mile). Someone inspire me for a challenge!

2016 Goal #1: Stop Acquiring So Damn Much

2015-11-15 12.02.00This view is worth more than a pair of shoes. Really. I got rid of a lot and slowed down my shopping a tiny bit, but I sure as hell didn’t stop it. It wasn’t what I call moderation. There’s more travel on the calendar this year and I want to acquire experiences and not live through stress shopping. I’ll keep on with the purge, but I have to be mindful of what I bring into the house.

2016 Goal #2: Give Back More

Give-BackAfter this fall and winter of refugee crisis and terrorism, it got everyone noticing the world is a pretty shitty place for some. I’m an entitled white girl in a 1st world country who has more than she needs. I need to do more. I’m selfish. Yes, monetary donations are good but I need to give back to my community by donating time as well. Yes, time. Time I always feel I don’t have. I NEED to make time to do something good for those around me. Baby steps here, along with monetary donations when I can of course. I need to just be mindful of how I can help my community and the world, all year round, not just during the holidays.


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