Upton Tea Banaspaty Fot Assam Tea

How the heck did this one slip by? Packaged in 2008? Wow. This was in such a slim pouch it kind of got wedged in my tea drawer and hidden. I used to do a lot of tea swaps and I got this one way back when. Crazy. It was super sealed so no worries about taste.

upton banaspaty fopI’ve never had any Upton Tea teas, this is my first review! Also weird, because they are a pretty big player here in the US. This one is so old it’s not even on their site. Still, sitting here drinking a tea from 2008 I’m surprised on how great it is for breakfast. Strong, malty, with a bit of bitterness. The first brew was definitely in your face strong, but I really liked the second better. Some days I need to wake up a bit at a time, not all at once.

So, I’m pretty glad I found this tea from Upton, I need to discover more of their blends.

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