Vegan Peach Bread

I’m making up for lost time in the fruit department but I wanted to bake something with peaches. I found this really basic peach bread recipe and decided to sacrifice 2 of my wonderful end of season peaches.

Vegan Peach BreadI used ener-g egg replacer which wasn’t so bad because I only made 1 loaf instead of the as-written 2. I also used fresh peaches and had to adjust the liquid as well. I added a bit more oil and some water. Blanching the peaches make them so much easier to peel. Pro tip!

Vegan Peach Bread-2I also mashed one peach and diced the other. The mashed peach added the needed moisture after a few splashes of other liquid. It was weird baking in the kitchen again but really nice to have sweets in the house. Most of my baking has been for others lately and to have just something hanging around the house for dessert was a nice change. Time to step up my baking game!

Vegan Peach Bread-3

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