Blueberry-Coconut Bundt Cake

2015-09-30 08.14.33I apologize for the un-edited cell photos. I’m hitting new lows with my blog, and well, I just wanted to prove I’ve baked! Yep, another work birthday and I had no time to take a photo at home. This Blueberry-Coconut Bundt Cake was the perfect recipe for my leftover blueberries.

2015-09-30 08.14.59Well, it’s weird to admit but I keep on forgetting to buy cans of coconut milk. Since I’ve found canned coconut cream, I don’t bother. But when I have a recipe that calls for it I assume I have a can or two kicking around and I don’t. However, coconut cream works great in baked goods. So thick and tasty! Even with that substitution the coconut taste was still light. I made a drizzle instead of just topping it with powdered sugar because it had to ride an hour in the car to work. I probably could have done a better job there but it was tasty. That’s all that matters in the end.

2015-09-30 09.46.37

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