Banana Walnut Crumble Muffins

Banana Walnut Crumble MuffinsI had been making a lot of cupcakes for birthdays. Let’s face it, they are easy and cute. However, I needed to step up my game. You’d think that muffins are kind of not stepping it up, but hey, they were different and we tend to eat dessert for breakfast around the office so it was a good choice.

Banana Walnut Crumble Muffins-2I was making these Banana Walnut Crumble Muffins on a Sunday and kind of panicked. The crumble did not stick to the muffins well like they did in the recipe photos! How am I going to get these to work on a motorcycle with crumble everywhere? Arg! The solution? Drive to work on a Sunday to drop them off. Yes, I’m serious. Traffic is horrible around here and I couldn’t bear to sit in my car for an hour and a half in rush hour on a Monday morning to bring muffins. I do love my coworkers, but yeah, I decided to make an extra trip up to the city (25 minutes with no traffic) and drop them off early.

Banana Walnut Crumble Muffins-3The muffins were much better the next day anyway. Plus, I got to deliver them on a pretty platter and make the birthday girl’s morning that much better.

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