Month #3: Challenge Complete!

Well, that was a short yet long 12 weeks. I bailed last week on workouts thinking there was more, oops. This past month my calories got dropped yet again because yeah, I wanted the scale to budge. Or inches. Or both? My body was already creaking from the workouts, so I knew I wasn’t going to do more than the 5-7 workouts a week that was already happening, so something had to give. My workouts did start to suffer from not as many calories, so I had to up them again. I was just exhausted all the time. I also bailed on weight workouts in week 9. I cried getting into the squat rack one day, so yeah, I tapped out of that real quick.

I’m looking forward to being a fruitarian, or you know, eating a LOT of the things I avoided because of the added carbs. Like, muesli for breakfast. But, I do understand in order to build muscle I need to incorporate the building blocks. And the main one is protein. Hence the diet.

shannon-guns-2What this did for me:

I rarely hit my sugar goals. Since carbs were lower, even fruit was restricted, nevermind cupcakes. I had no problem giving up sugar. I did have a problem once I started nibbling on it (and I really did have some chocolate covered raisins at work 3x a week at least because they had lower carbs than a peach, go figure. To be fair I’ve been really darn moderate for years in sugar intake even with baking for the blog. You know I don’t eat everything that passes by in scroll right? Yeah, like I bake 12 cookies and I have 1 or so. I knew I didn’t have a sugar addiction, I just really like it. Like 99% of people.

I rarely hit my fat goals. That was hard. So many years of low fat vegan really trained me. Even cooking with a bit of oil and switching to fattier greek yogurt was weird. It’s not my preference. Eating cheese every day sucks, especially when it makes you feel bad. I’m looking at you super easy greek yogurt. Who knew when my stomach would have a revolt with that tasty treat. When I would try to restrict it prior to the challenge I always felt like I needed it. When it’s always on the table I groan. However, 90% of my cheat meals revolved around cheese. Nachos. Pizza. Go figure.

shannon-gunsGoing to the gym still isn’t habit. After 12 weeks it was confirmed I’m still a damn lazy person. And I honestly hated the programming. I’ve always known this but yep, there was no “omg, I can’t wait to go lift heavy dumbells” or “yay, swimming!” happening in my vocabulary. I do like those things in moderation, but I really love sitting on the couch. Even getting out on hikes is rough but easier mentally. I’ll probably end up lifting 2x a week and swimming, maybe with a hike in there once in a while, but not at the volume that was happening this past 12 weeks. I’m really fucking tired. All. The. Time. Meds are fine, I’m just working out a lot. I’ll figure out a plan later, but for now, maintenance.

Balance is what is right for me. This was a diet. Pretty darn high protein because you know, goals. However, I prefer my regular meals to have balance. Of course I enjoy nachos and cider once in a while, but when I’m eating and feeling really well about myself I prefer grains and veggies and a bit of protein. Veg protein analogs have quite a few carbs, so for so many meals to hit my macros I’d bail on the veggies. Nope, can’t afford those 10 sugar snap peas or the carbs in a cup of broccoli today! That’s not cool by me. But it’s a diet, not a lifestyle. So no big thing for a bit.

What happened? Here’s my 12 differences:

Weight:  -8.1 lbs (most happening last week when I cut calories and didn’t work out)
Waist: -2″
Pooch (that lower ab fat, ugh): -1″
Hips: -1″
Chest: -2.5″
Arms: 0″
Thighs: 0″


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