Apple Pie Bars

apple pie bars-2I was pretty excited last weekend when I had a pile of barbecues to go to, which meant getting in the kitchen. I was excited to bake for people! And then we had a heat wave. I heated my house up to the mid 90s to bake these Apple Pie Bars.
apple pie barsWas it worth it? Yep. These tasted fantastic. When the husband saw them he thought it was apple pie pizza. Close enough. One thing I would do differently would be to par bake the bottom crust. Everyone has a different apple they are baking with and I guess mine had a lot more moisture than the original recipe. The crust was a bit mushy in places, but still okay. I’d have preferred it a bit more crisp. They didn’t get near as brown as Nicoles, so maybe par baking would help a bit. 

apple pie bars-3

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