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2015-09-19 13.26.22So, we missed last year’s Ill Advised Ice Cream Crawl, which sucked. I was sick and there was no way I could move off the couch. This year wasn’t my best showing either, but hey, we went! The husband worked in the morning and we met up with the crew and did 3 stops to visit with friends and eat ice cream. Dreyer’s was on the list, and to be fair I’d never been in a shop. I had the raspberry sorbet, it was okay I guess.

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2015-09-19 13.50.22There is a Smitten a few blocks away, so that’s one I didn’t want to skip. I haven’t had any of their stuff yet, and liquid nitrogen ice cream just sounds cool. It was very rich. The vegan fudge pop was intense. Like eating a huge piece of fudge. Tasty, not super creamy though, but really damn intense. Glad I tried it, Ben got the salted caramel and couldn’t finish it but liked it a lot.

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2015-09-19 15.03.39Then our last stop was in one of our old neighbourhoods. We lived around the Curbside neighbourhood oh, 10+ years ago. It wasn’t as nice back then, that’s for sure. The hipsters have taken over and brought ice cream. They had quite a few vegan choices but I had to go with strawberry. It was hard because they had mint chip too, yum. It was really good, I’m happy about that. They use different bases for their ice creams depending on the flavours, nice attention to detail.

And then we said farewell to our friends and got on with even more errands. *le sigh* I could use some more ice cream, that’s for sure.

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