Month #2: Bloated or Swole?

So, we’ve hit 8 weeks of high protein and lifting. Diet was decreased and I’m feeling so much more comfortable. The protein goals are still only easy to hit when I do powder and dairy. Oh well. Only a month left. Plus, I have faith it is working. That’s all I have, it’s only another month right?

Weights are going well. Increasing 5lbs at a time. Seeing strength and since I’m progressing pretty slowly I’m not really stalling out much. Back to swim lessons which are helping me push my cardio. I think I can see arm definition and my quads are looking pretty good. However with the dairy I can’t tell if I’m swole or bloated. Hah. Time will tell when I drop dairy after this and see what the hell is really up.

2015-07-14 18.47.52
Damn tasty “cheat” meal. There’s tofu under there. So many veggie carbs.

It’s cool having a coach who I can email dumb questions to constantly. He responds so quick. Not like I can’t google this stuff but hey, I have a coach! I found out a few weeks ago from my chiropractor that the low bar squats I was doing was destroying my healing progress with my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Like, bad spasms and useless arms. Oops. I thought that the higher up would be worse, but I was wrong. He corrected that quick and I’m back to trying to not throw my tea or silverware everywhere on accident. Part of the reason why I’m baby stepping up my weights is just in case something collapses. Like when I was doing barbell overhead presses last month and my shoulder crumpled. Oops.

Only 2lbs down month over month. Again I feel like I’m playing the “am I bloated and there’s stuff going on under this?” game. Or is it just not budging? Dunno. I feel like I’m working my ass off so 2 lbs is annoying. Really body? 2 pounds? Measurements aren’t telling me anything which is frustrating. I could have eaten less yesterday for a .5 waist decrease, or be dehydrated from how hot it’s been.

Week 4 to 8 Differences:

Weight: -2 lbs
Waist: -0.5″
Pooch (that lower ab fat, ugh): -0.5″
Hips: 0″
Chest: -0.5″
Arms: 0″
Thighs: 0″

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