Granville Island Jasmine with Flowers

This is the first of the tea that I got from Vancouver, Granville Island to be exact. While I wish I had some customer service (the ladies pawned me off on a part time highschool kid who really had no idea) but I tried my best with my selections. This was the Jasmine with Flowers. I love jasmine tea, so it was an obvious choice. Unfortunately I brewed 2 minutes for the first cup (taking photos!) and it was way too bitter. The directions were 1-2 minutes, but 2 minutes is too much for the first cup. The second brew was okay, it lost some of the floral tastes but at least wasn’t bitter. It’s pretty finicky, so I’m unsure if I would buy this. I’m not sure theĀ Fujian tea is smooth enough for a jasmine. At least if I brew it!

granville island jasmine w flowers

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