Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

Chocolate Chai CakeCupcakes are easy. Well, this recipe wasn’t for cupcakes, but for Chocolate Chai Cake. Close enough for government work huh? 

Chocolate Chai Cake-3We had a coworker in town, plus a birthday. I always see her drinking chai tea and I remembered this recipe. As you probably know I really dislike drinking chai, so I looked for a random bag in my tea stash (there’s always random chai, ew) and decided to whip up a strong cuppa and get baking. 

Chocolate Chai Cake-4I didn’t really change the recipe at all. Personally, I found it too heavy in cloves, but everyone loved it. If I did make it again I’d cut the cloves in half and I don’t think it would make much of a bad impact. Maybe my tea was clove heavy as well, so there’s that. They were really fragrant too, so even though I told people that they were not your average chocolate cupcake they got it when they sniffed them. Nothing worse than being fooled into eating something you didn’t expect. I hear that a lot with chocolate chips vs raisins. I like raisins so I just think the haters are whiners, hah.

Chocolate Chai Cake-2

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