Cherry Almond Brownies

Cherry Almond Brownies-4Brownies! Yep. I found these Cherry Hazelnut Brownies over at Contentedness Cooking and put them on the list. I didn’t have a few ingredients but I had cherries. So that totally counts as a recipe try. 

Cherry Almond Brownies-3I didn’t have any hazelnuts or hazelnut butter. I wasn’t planning on eating these so I pulled out the almond butter and almonds. Oh yes, I almost forgot I had to use all-purpose flour as well, I need to put buckwheat flour back on the grocery list. It worked fantastic.

Cherry Almond Brownies-2There was absolutely no baking problems and they still had a great texture. I made them for a picnic but we had so much planned that day we ended up bailing. And I had 16 brownies in my house. With almonds that I should avoid. So to work they came on the back of my motorcycle and got inhaled (and not even squished!). I sure was popular that Monday morning, that’s a plus!

Cherry Almond Brownies

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