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Roys RedwoodsHappy Canada Day! I took today and the rest of the week off per usual since the husband has the week off due to office mandatory shut downs. He’s been hiding out at home the past two days playing video games or cleaning the garage so today we got out of the house!

Roys Redwoods-3Since it was a leisurely hike we just went up north to Marin and checked out Roy’s Redwoods. There isn’t an official parking lot so I assumed I would totally miss it but the other cars gave it away. Thanks people for visiting today! There were even rangers there as well with their SUV so I think I could have figured this one out for a change.

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Roys Redwoods-6We didn’t end up doing the full trail, mostly because I couldn’t remember the turn queues and well, there was an interesting looking hill that didn’t look fun at 90 degrees full on sun. We still did over a mile so that’s nice. It was cooler in the shade too.

Roys Redwoods-5This was a cute little grove though, and not busy at all. There were a bunch of people having a picnic when we got there but they were pretty much done when we got there. I just wish there was a bit of a water feature (river, small lake) to keep the heat at bay. We’ll probably heat up to the watersheds again when it’s this warm.

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