Month #1: OMG I’m SO FULL.

So, I told you about 30 days ago I needed a kick in the pants. I had my ass glued to the couch and was really content. However, we all know that’s not how it is supposed to go if you want to be healthy it’s not as easy as sitting on the couch and eating chips. Who knew?

My coach is pretty darn nice. I’ve had to switch up the program workouts three times in a month. First was too hard, second was okay, but a bit too easy. Then the past 2 weeks have been the same but I might be outgrowing that as well. Which is a good thing! I’m also back into swimming, it’s easier when it is only 30 minutes. No pressure to do a full hour or more. I signed up for swimming classes again starting this Saturday. I need to keep up on those, it totally helps.

shannon-gunsThe diet? Holy eff. I’m SO FULL all the time. I’m totally kicking ass and taking names later when it comes to macros (percentages of protein/fat/carbs in my set calorie limit) but DAMN I’m so full. And to be fair I rarely hit my total calorie goal. It’s just a lot of food for me. I’ve been intuitively eating so long that it’s so weird to eat when I’m not hungry. And eat so much. But yeah, if I want any muscles I’ve got to feed the beast. Or I’m going with that.

Nothing is off limits as long as you get your macros in (though you shouldn’t do it with a ton of crap, let’s be honest). Protein is HIGH, carbs are lower (not super low). If you’ve noticed a lot of higher protein veg foods are high in carbs. So I’ve gone pure vegetarian for this to keep things in check (I was only a casual vegan anyway, but always a strict vegetarian). Can I mention I think I’m sick of cheese? Yeah, it kind of kills my stomach but I used to think I couldn’t live without it. Now that I’m eating it a lot because of the low carbs and higher protein I just don’t want it. I had a nacho cheat meal and it was just okay. I’m sure the nacho “just okay” thing is just a phase, but yeah. I’m tired of dairy. I’m also not eating as many veg as I think I should, so I need to work on that within my macros a bit better. I used to have something green with every meal, now things can look a bit beige. I’m also having a hard time deciding on a weekly cheat me. I come up with things like “a big salad” and such. I’m lame. Maybe pizza this week? Meh. I’m just really tired of eating in general.

What do I think? I don’t know yet. I’m not sure I’m doing enough lifting to make a difference, especially with my kettlebell background. I’m only a newb when it comes to barbell stuff, and I’m still kind of afraid of it. Plus, the whole gimpy arm/shoulder/knee thing really sucks. I hurt. All the time. Not DOMS, just low level injury lingering pain. A month is way too soon to see a ton of difference. I’ve lost minimal inches (and pounds to be honest) but I think if I keep this up I might be growing some awesome guns.

I wasn’t really fair with my starting weight and measurements. I did them on a Friday night after a huge day of eating with a big farewell hurrah. Oh well. The good news is that eating so much more I’m not gaining, I’m getting back down to where my body sits normally, so there’s that I guess. I’m also working my ass off and I’m impatient. I had higher weightloss expectations to be fair, expecting to get down to my maintenance pretty quickly shedding this bloat weight but I’m still around 5 lbs off that weight when I don’t try.

Month 1 Differences:

Weight: -4.3 lbs
Waist: -1″
Pooch (that lower ab fat, ugh): -0.5″
Hips: -0.5″
Chest: -1″
Arms: 0″
Thighs: 0″

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