T2 Marrakech Green Tea

I know, pretty much lately I’ve been a T2 fan girl. I’m really enjoying this brand but it’s sucking because I don’t know what I would like to order. The darn sampler packs aren’t helping me decide.

I haven’t been baking lately, I’m just not in the mood for sweets. Why? Well, I’ve been eating a TON of fruit so making cakes and cookies isn’t really needed. Hello summer! I’m also trying to fill my time with things outside of the kitchen so it seems unattractive to me to sit around and bake when I can be active. At least there’s always time for tea.

t2 marrakechThis is a minty green tea. My stomach hasn’t been behaving lately (I still love you, cherries!) so I pulled out this mint tea to get my day started right. I always lean on mint tea when I’m feeling nauseous. The base is a gunpowder green so it gives it a bit more oomph than just a regular herbal minty tea. It’s a great blend and would be really nice cold as well but I drank it hot. I wouldn’t say it stands out but it was still good, just not as stand-out as some of the other T2 blends.


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