A Kick In The Pants

Well, hello there. I’m still around, just not documenting really anything on this blog. My life: it’s good. My job: it’s good. I haven’t been baking much, I’ve just been slowly slipping into a coma-like state. I have photos I haven’t even edited of baked goods, that’s how much I’m just not into blogging. It started off with being busy, then traveling (I like doing those quick blog posts so I remember what the hell we did) and not recovering back into a daily grind. Hey, at least I’ve been social!

So, you know me! Randomly I get pissed off at things and impulse buy/act on it. In January it was swim classes that started 12 hours after I signed up (which I plan on starting back up next month). This time I was tired with not doing anything for myself, not eating well and just being unkind to my body. I’ve been a long time member over at Fitocracy and they got me with their darn marketing at just the right time. I signed up for a 12 week challenge. I signed up yesterday afternoon, it starts today.

fitocracy screenshot


Okay yeah, It looks like an OMG diet thing, which I swore off. However, Coach Mitch seems to really focus on weight training and macros to get to your goal. I don’t pay much attention to macros and I this is the perfect time to sort out my numbers beyond overall calories. To be fair I’m up past my personal “red zone” of weight and I need to lose some to be comfortable in my clothes anyway. But, what I’m really getting out of this is accountability, paying more attention to what I’m putting in my body (sure, it’s counting but I’ve not been intuitively eating this year, just mostly stress or hangry eating), and getting my ass moving on a regular basis.

I wasn’t going to write about this because I felt guilty. But WTF? I shouldn’t feel bad about trying to do something for myself and my health. I’m obviously this year not taking my health and diet into my own hands. So, I need help. Since I signed up so late I haven’t gotten my macros or plan yet, so I’m just hanging out until I hear about all the work I just signed up for. He uses My Fitness Pal which I had been putting off for ages. All of my data is in SparkPeople from the beginning of time (okay, but close to a decade maybe) and I signed up and started putting things in yesterday.

This is a paid coaching challenge, so yeah, I can’t just wander off. It will be interesting for sure!

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