2015-04-25 10.50.26Breakfast this day was at home since I had a doctors appointment. I mixed my oatmeal with a few tablespoons of hot cereal to give it a different texture. There’s a ton of blueberries on the bottom, they are just hiding.

2015-04-27 12.37.08Lunch was Thai. Look, the lady was generous with the tofu! Amazing. That’s going to mean I get 0 pieces the next few times. It just how it is. Dinner was Korean┬ádelivery, so half the plate is veggie bibimbap and then all the sides. This place gives SO many sides, it’s kind of crazy. I can’t finish them all on my own even in a few sittings and the husband is generally uninterested. Gotta figure out a way to enjoy the leftovers more.

2015-04-27 18.13.35


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