What I Ate Wednesday 5/6/2015


2015-04-25 10.50.26Breakfast this day was at home since I had a doctors appointment. I mixed my oatmeal with a few tablespoons of hot cereal to give it a different texture. There’s a ton of blueberries on the bottom, they are just hiding.

2015-04-27 12.37.08Lunch was Thai. Look, the lady was generous with the tofu! Amazing. That’s going to mean I get 0 pieces the next few times. It just how it is. Dinner was Korean delivery, so half the plate is veggie bibimbap and then all the sides. This place gives SO many sides, it’s kind of crazy. I can’t finish them all on my own even in a few sittings and the husband is generally uninterested. Gotta figure out a way to enjoy the leftovers more.

2015-04-27 18.13.35


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