What I Ate Wednesday 5/13/2015



Hey, at least I can keep things together to post about what I ate and tea. I don’t know. Maybe I should start talking more about the fluff in my life, but to be honest, my life is kind of dull. Going back 20 years in LiveJournal not much has changed. I’m less whiney. Thank goodness.

2015-05-04 09.23.52Mondays are interesting lately. I’ve been getting some anxiety from taking allergy meds so it makes that Sunday night sleep kind of suck more than usual. However, no crazy nose bleeds or eyes watering so much I can’t see. One day I’ll figure it all out.

2015-05-01 12.45.47I didn’t know what to eat for lunch so I went buffet at Julie’s Kitchen. Still not a lot of sushi happening at home so at least I can get it around work. It’s not amazing though. Oh well. Keeping with the Asian theme I made a stir fry for dinner. Used noodles though instead of rice and added pre-cooked chicken to the husbands version and tofu to mine. I made WAY too much, wow. I just kept on adding veggies and then all of a sudden I could feed 8 adults. Lunches for awhile it seems. I haven’t been baking so not much in the house for sugar highs. I should fix that.

2015-04-29 16.54.49

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