Vanilla Cupcakes With Speculoos Cookie Butter Frosting

cupcakes with Speculoos Cookie Butter FrostingOkay, I’m going to be up front. I figured this was a throwaway since the original recipe where I saw the Speculoos Cookie Butter Frosting had a chocolate cupcake. It just wasn’t going to be as good, but not everyone at work likes chocolate. Yeah, I know. Kind of dumb. But I worry when I do flavour pairings. Let’s be honest though, vanilla goes with almost everything.

cupcakes with Speculoos Cookie Butter Frosting-2I don’t even know why I bothered worrying, or in fact sourcing the recipe. I used Speculoos spread, that’s true. I used um, a jar? Well, a little less. And margarine and almond milk. And I didn’t measure the powdered sugar. So yeah. I guess follow the recipe as a guide to start. Add way more cookie butter than called for because wow, they taste fantastic.

cupcakes with Speculoos Cookie Butter Frosting-3The coworkers inhaled them. They were really great. The texture was not super pretty with the piping nib I picked out so I melted a few tablespoons of ┬áspread and drizzled it over the top. I didn’t have any cookies to crush up or that would have been cute too.

cupcakes with Speculoos Cookie Butter Frosting-4

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