Thank Goodness For Flexible Plans

van-day4-deelymotorcycle-4We had a ton of things to do with one day left. We decided on the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition after brunch. It was in a Harley dealership, we didn’t know that bit. Most of the bikes were Harleys but there were a few others, like this BSA which was pretty darn cool. It reminded me of the Triumph Grill when it first opened, except it’s $10. Heh. Anyway, it was an interesting detour.


van-day4-brittania-mines-3For the rest of the afternoon we headed back up north to the Britannia Mines. We saw a big sign yesterday and figured we hadn’t gotten our cheese factor in for the day.


van-day4-brittania-mines-7We got to wear hard hats and take a tour. Hehe. Oh! And ride on a trolley thinger for like 100 ft. Woop! Actually, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be around here.

van-day4-brittania-mines-12To be fair I know jack about copper mining, except all mining really sucks for the miners. Also, please remember to recycle your electronics and stuff! It’s all reusable!


van-day4-brittania-mines-15After poking around the mine and outer buildings we headed up north a bit to Squamish to a cafe to just enjoy the weather. It started raining and we just took it all in with hot beverages. I bought more tea at a local tea shop. Fair warning, they are big on “Earl Grey Cream”, I’ve gotten at two places! Then we headed back down to Vancouver to a veggie friendly restaurant. And to the grocery store for peanut butter. Yeah, I’m a dork. It’s cool.



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