Rain, Mist & Fog. It Was Terrific!


van-day2-shannonfalls-9Today we headed up out of the city and on the way to Whistler. There are 2 waterfalls to stop at, plus a lot of provincial parks. It’s easy to make a day out of it.

van-day2-shannonfalls-10First stop was Shannon Falls. Because, duh! It had just stopped misting and there were a ton of people unfortunately. However, someone to take our photo, so there’s that.

van-day2-shannonfalls-13There was no way I was giving up some of my really well thought out hiking poses. My bunny shoes were perfect for these walks. *hop* *hop*


van-day2-brandywinefalls-5Then we were off again headed towards more mountains. Brandywine Falls was next, and deserted. Probably because it was raining, but not like we cared. I didn’t even bring my rain jacket and we moseyed on to that waterfall.

van-day2-brandywinefalls-7This was a brilliant falls. You got to see it from the top down and it was much easier to view than to crane your head up like at Shannon Falls. It was the husbands favourite out of the two.


van-day2-shannonfalls-2There are a few single track trails around here too but we stuck to the view larger trails. Everything was nice and clean. We didn’t run into any wildlife all day.



van-day2-brandywinefalls-16Then it was off to Whistler for real! We were planning on an early dinner up in the village and it was pretty cool. Instead of a ski resort, after Victoria day (last weekend) they open up parts of the resort as a mountain biking park.


van-day2-whistler-6The worst part was the “just okay” meal we had up there, and that’s really not that bad. The drive up was really fun and easy, finding our way around the village (aka, Google, tell us where the eff to park already) was a bit annoying but it was really cute. I can’t imagine I would like it in the winter though. Hah!


van-day2-whistler-2It was sunny (at 7pm) by the time we left to head on back to Vancouver. The drive was smooth sailing and I only stopped a few times to take some photos. We headed down to Richmond for the night market but traffic was horrible and we tried a short cut that screwed us so we turned around. Oh well, it was almost 10pm by the time we got home anyway. Plenty to do tomorrow, that’s for sure!



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