Mostly Healthy Cinnamon Blueberry Coffeecake

mostly healthy cinnamon blueberry coffeecakeBirthdays! Yay for birthdays! I decided to bake something for breakfast for a coworker who comes in as early as I do! This Mostly Healthy Cinnamon Blueberry Coffeecake looked fantastic so I whipped it up.

mostly healthy cinnamon blueberry coffeecake-2I’m going to take a wild guess and tell you up front I think the recipe is wrong. There is no way you can get a crumble in a hot oven with just margarine, brown sugar and spices. It needs a bit of flour. I trusted the recipe and the topping did just what I thought it would do: melt. Which gave the coffee cake a nice kind of sugary topping but no crumble. If you want a crumble try to add a bit of flour to keep it together. The cake is tasty though and great for a sugary breakfast treat.

mostly healthy cinnamon blueberry coffeecake-3

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