I Can’t Seem To Avoid Gondolas.

van-day3-grouse-mountain-3Today we had breakfast/lunch at a motorcycle diner/chinese place I found. I had no idea it would be women motorcycle related, it just got good Yelp reviews and had parking. It was tasty, and randomly moto related. Pretty cool. Then we went to some random shops and headed on to Grouse Mountain.


van-day3-grouse-mountain-11I didn’t know what was up. However, it was a mega hike up to the top or a Gondola. Remember I hate gondolas? I got the husband to bail on one yesterday at Shannon Falls but this time there was no avoidance. There were extra bits to add on to the package, like a ski chair lift to an even higher place, but yeah, no. Plus, it was overcast down at the bottom but very foggy up top, no need to go up further to look at pure white. I obviously got no photos of the Vancouver skyline, but I got dorky photos of us! Fog really highlights my hair. Maybe I should move to Pacifica!


van-day3-grouse-mountain-14I love fog so this was awesome. However, we couldn’t see the grizzley bears (liek 4 ft away), and we sat through a very foggy lumberjack show. It was so very kitchy. The husband was super surprised when I started singing all the song they were playing as we waited for the show to start. I have to thank my grandpa for teaching me all the folk and Irish songs, and even newfie songs. Sheesh, I know a lot of them.


van-day3-grouse-mountain-17Hey man, as I said, super cheesy but funny as hell. They tried there best as most people probably couldn’t see them through the fog. Poor guys.

van-day3-grouse-mountain-18We came back down the mountain and decided to go see Mad Max. We got there 50 minutes early and it was sold out. Boo! So we wandered around town and found a nice Italian place to eat at. Did a bit more souvenir shopping and took the very long way back to the hotel. Now, we’re tired, full and ready for tomorrow. We’re thinking of ditching the Museum of Anthropology and hitting up the mines museum. We’re on a cheesy roll with tourist attractions 😉


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