Half-Batch Vegan Raspberry-Coconut Scones

Half-Batch Vegan Raspberry-Coconut Scones-2Too soon! That’s what I thought when I saw raspberries available via my CSA. However, I poured out my paycheque for a few of these little gems. I was going to eat them just on their own but decided after popping one that the needed to be baked. Unfortunately they were not the sweetest.

Half-Batch Vegan Raspberry-Coconut SconesHalf-Batch Vegan Raspberry-Coconut Scones have the berries right in the middle, so cute! I totally forgot to put sugar AND coconut on top of the scones (I put the sugar over the berries because they needed it) so the turned out a bit pale but still tasty. I also shaped them into discs because I like a challenge and the dough was really easy to work.


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