But They Said There Would Be Rain

van-day1-art-galleryWe got in yesterday but I didn’t really take photos or do much of anything to write home about. We went to dinner and called it an early night. Woop. Today we went on the hunt for a sim card for the husband since my roaming pretty much works fine on my iphone and then headed out for lunch which happened to be by the art gallery. No art gallery for us though, just hipster artsy sandwiches (which were good).

van-day1-art-gallery-2We went to the mall because there were promises of an All Saints store. Now, yes I know we have one in SF but hey, we were here and I was going to buy a nice leather jacket. Denied. The shop won’t be open until the new annex of the mall opens. Go figure. We headed out to Stanley Park instead.
van-day1-stanley-park-totemMade the husband stand in front of totem poles. Sorry for the dirty camera, didn’t notice until later, figures.


van-day1-stanley-park-totem-4The totem polls were super cool. So much cool history, I’m pretty happy I got to see something this big.


van-day1-stanley-walk-4We went for a walk, do you see the At-At walkers? Vancouver have their very own but in colour! Which prompted me to buy a darn souvenir tee. Yes, I guess it makes more sense if I tell you that my tee has a moose dressed as darth vader. I mean, come on! You can’t not buy a Star Wars Canuck style animals shirt!


van-day1-stanley-walk-10It’s a great park. My camera got progressively worse so the photos of the bridge did not come out. Oh well. There was a lighthouse! We drove through the park twice. Decided against stopping at the aquarium so we could head over to Granville Island instead.

van-day1-stanley-walk-12Traffic is pretty easy around here, or it was today and yesterday. I even did all the driving today, and we made it to the island intact. I didn’t take photos, I was busy shopping. We wandered around the shops and the public market where we got snacks. I got suckered into buying cherries, which are just as expensive here as in drought ridden California. Oh well, we can eat some of our souvenirs right?

2015-05-22 16.37.31I kind of stopped taking photos with my camera so just brief one liners. Went back to the hotel for a bit. Went to Gastown and the Fluevog store. Spent too much time (and money) in there but hey, vacation! We went to dinner at a great Lebanese place. Wandered back around to the hotel and started a blog post at around 10pm while I edited photos. Gotta get some rest for tomorrow, maybe a drive up to Whistler or maybe another jaunt around the city!

2015-05-22 18.20.30


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