Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds

-Las Gallinas Wildlife PondsYeah. I went for a walk/hike in a sanitary district. It sounds weird but it was really pretty and there was lots of wildlife. Hawks, deer, swans, ducks, snakes (yup, missed one by about a foot), other birds… yep they were all hanging out there too. My favourite were the red-winged blackbirds which I didn’t get a photo of since I used my cell. Oopsie. They were cool though.

-Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds-2

-Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds-3This is the first walk/hike of the year! Didn’t mean to put it off so long but hiking has fallen out of favour to swimming and tennis. It’s still nice to get out on a Sunday with the husband so I hope to do this a lot more.

-Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds-5We had a beautiful day. Sunny with a breeze of course.  This would have been really cool foggy which I was hoping for since the Golden Gate was half in fog but it cleared up by the time we hit San Rafael. Oh well. Everyone was super friendly and said hello. I’m looking forward to exploring more North Bay areas!

-Las Gallinas Wildlife Ponds-6

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