Happy Easter, From SF Moto Bunny

shan-bunny-motoYeah. I went there. The husband got me a bunny onesie for my birthday (yes, I wanted it), and it was so awesome. And huge. Big enough that I assumed I could wear my gear under it and still have room. Proof. Oh yeah, the only issue was trying to find out how to keep the damn hood on.

shan-moto-bunnyA bit of stitching and some elastic from my sewing kit and voila!  It stays! I wore my secondary Ducati helmet in case something bad happened (like it took out a hinge, quite possible) but it was fine. It was okay tooling around the regular streets but there was a LOT of drag on the highway. Of course I wore it on the highway! I wore it to work and got LOTS of attention. Hey, at least people moved over for me. It was a bit hard in traffic, I had full visibility but moving my head side to side tugged a bit. It was worth it.


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