Happy Commute Anniversary!

I always remember the day because last year it rained on April 1st when I said I’d start officially commuting on my motorcycle!

3 of the things I have learned (I’m too lazy to paragraph you to death on all my learnings):

1. It wasn’t me, it’s really windy in April – ? I can’t remember when it stopped being so windy, but I thought it was just me being newb in the commute. Nope, I’ve noticed the wind picking up mid March here, it’s different but I don’t remember when it died down. I’m hoping for summer to be fair. It sucks. Yesterday… wow. Yeah. I hate wind.

2. I’m cautious but now I know how to avoid most dangers on the road. While I still fall a bit far back from cars in traffic, I do split now but only when I feel comfortable. City filtering is getting easier but I’m still quite nervous about it since I work in a tourist part of town and some of the roads are just plain narrow and horrible. The more you ride the more you realize you suck at it. Meh.

3. It gets cold here. And foggy (duh). Each day is a new experience. I’ve now created a rule set for when I should and when I shouldn’t ride to work. I have a car, I have options. Things like “it’s under 37 degrees or there is frost on my car, it’s going to be really damn cold on the highway, I’m driving” or “I can’t see the end of my street due to fog, that highway cloverleaf interchange will be blind, and I can’t handle the zero visibility without panicking”.

2015-01-02 15.47.49Overall I’m glad I started commuting but it’s tiring. Sure, I get home quicker but I’m always alert. I’d say someone is always trying to kill me but most cars are really polite to bikes here.  I don’t put myself out there to piss people off by zooming by at 60 mph when they are stopped, so maybe that’s it. Sure there’s 1x a day where someone is trying to take me out but I try to think about the nice people who pull over an inch to let me share their lane, especially the big trucks and such. I still have a spacial dysmorphia problem, where I think I’m bigger than I am, and I’m really scared about mirrors but I’m working on it. I just pull over and let guys go in front of me while I go at my own pace and everyone is happy.

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