Austin Traffic Rocks!

2015-04-09 17.17.44So, we’re in Austin for MotoGP, and it’s soggy. We got in on Thursday and from 5-10 we ended up at 2 bbq places. Yeah. We’re in Texas. We got in at rush hour and there was nobody on the road. We even took the toll and it was empty. It was glorious. Look above! A parking spot! There are so many! It’s crazy! Let me just talk about the large Whole Foods downtown for a second. It has a mega parking garage. AND… get this: there are little lights above each of the stalls. So you drive around looking for a green light, it goes so quick! Plus, there are 3+ levels of mega parking! For WF! And there’s live bands and entertainment on their roof. Kind of crazy. I love the parking feature, this needs to spread out to CA.

2015-04-09 17.50.45I was hangy and didn’t care about bbq to be fair. Breakfast was a bust at Plant Cafe in the terminal (weird!) and the rental car person was on their own timetable. Well, I’ve found most people in Texas happen to be on their own timetable. I’m super impatient but it shouldn’t take you 15 minutes to check out at Best Buy with one person in front of you. Oof. Anyway, the car rental guy was so slow and mentioned a compact car would take an extra 30 minutes (which would probably be 6 hours regular time) so I took a Mustang for like $10 more a day. So dorky. Anyway, the bbq place was super nice and friendly and loaded me up with veggie sides. We had table guests too above. They probably appreciated the veg I was eating.

2015-04-09 21.59.57We ended up at our second bbq joint since  friends from STL wanted to go there and we just hung out. I got dessert (peach cobbler) and it was just okay. The husband had a second dinner and regretted it. Poor guy. It was BYOB and they didn’t mention that or we would have brought them more beer. Lots of driving in the rain on Thursday. Oh well. It was novel at first.

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