And Then It Rained

2015-04-10 12.29.21Yesterday we didn’t move very quickly. It was rainy, things were delayed, there was a dog on the track running around and lots of crankiness. We hung out with new and old friends and went for breakfast where the locals found me some vegan food (kind of by accident, he didn’t know I was veg). I got a vegan platter and those pancakes were off the hook. Best I’ve ever had to be honest. Damn good meal, minus the creey vegan queso. Ew.

cota-day1-gpIt actually cleared up in the afternoon and we shopped and saw a bunch of practices.  The end of the day were some qualifiers for Moto America which was fun. There’s a few women in that class, a local one too who the husband and I follow. She has her own team this year, hope she kicks some ass!


cota-day1-gp-26It was a pretty chill day to be honest. We tried out turn 15 for the views, the top and bottom half. I preferred closer to the bend, my photos didn’t turn out when we were closer to 16. There’s a lot of really high fences here. It’s kind of a bummer. We were spoiled at Phillip Island where you could wander where ever you wanted and get a view of something neat. Here it’s pretty much grandstands and such. I was at the top of the grandstand for the bottom photo and it still had so much fence. Oh America, you so safe. Or something. You cut off Elena Myers, damn you fence!


cota-day1-superbike-superstock-3After that we went for more food and in search of a charger for my camera.  That was a pain in the ass but with the help of an awesome local the husband went to school with both food, tours and chargers were taken care of. So freaking helpful, and we got a great tour (with no photos, I had to charge my camera!) of Austin and a pretty awesome vegan chili burger. Hah!

2015-04-10 21.03.17

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