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cota-day2-moto3-5We got home late so I didn’t bother posting, I was busy editing photos. Found a cute breakfast spot and headed out with looming clouds. We got to the track a bit later, watched Moto3 barrel around the track at turn 1. We were trying out different spots to see what where the good photo ops were. Funny, I got no pics of MotoGP guys, they were all when we were in bad spots.


cota-day2-superbike-3For the actual MotoAmerica races it got wet. Really wet. And we were standing on a hill by the esses.  Lots of action in supersport and in superbike Elena Meyers came in 7th! You go girl! Melissa Paris did fine herself in Supersport in 13th. By the time the American races were over we were wet and ready to head home. Pretty chill night and now we’re up and ready for the big events today.



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