Race Day 3, From Fog to Heat Fatigue!

cota-day3-moto3-9Yesterday was all about races. We had pretty nice seats but our friends upgraded us so we could use the tent and the OMG nice bathrooms. Let me just say, the bathrooms at COTA are really nice, and clean. But the lines… ick. However, the VIP bathrooms were badass, and no waits. Thanks guys. It’s all about the little things.

cota-day3-moto3-6Moto3 was interesting. They are always so clumped because they are all pretty evenly matched. It’s always a race and they are young so they tend to not have any fear.  So they crash. A lot.


cota-day3-moto2-3Moto2 was pretty quick as well. It was fun. The guy who won has a twin in World Superbike and they have the same number. Pretty neat. There’s probably a lot of competition in that house. My guy who I cheer for usually crashed in turn 12. Like, he forgot to turn or something. He was in 5th for a change instead of way lower in the rankings (which is good) so maybe it was just bad luck. *sigh* Ended up 18th (out of 27). I think I need a new guy to cheer for!cota-day3-motogp-8

cota-day3-motogpIt got hot and sunny and there was a race delay because there was water under the bridge on the track. Seriously. Maybe it had something to do with them hosing the bridge off since there was a lot of mud from the foot traffic? Idiots.  So we all had to sit there melting before the race.


cota-day3-motogp-8Everyone really came for this race. They have had 3 motoGP races at this track and the same guy has won them all.  Colour us all surprised. Not. I don’t know what to say about that. I had high hopes for the brit on the white bike if it was going to be a wet race, however, it was just hot and sunny. Not that it would make a difference in the end but one can hope right?

cota-day3-motogp-16The husband as I said is really into supporting the American circuit, and I’m in to cheering for the girls, so it works out. There are 2 Spanish girls currently in  Moto3 (International stuff), 1 in supersport and 1 in superbike for the American races. Yay! Anyway, we stayed to cheer on race 2 for superbike/superstock. They mix them since they are similar, and it gives a good pool of people.


cota-day3-superbike-supersportElana came in the middle of the pack again on Sunday! Up a spot and is doing so well on a new way bigger bike. So proud. She’s pretty damn awesome, so proud of her.



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