IMG_0588.JPGHola. I swear, I have so much to do (and I’ve been super productive) I feel like its Friday but nope, it’s Wednesday. I bought a ton of McDougall cups for oatmeal breakfasts. I don’t have the time int he morning and it tastes better than instant (not so glue like) which is okay. It’s “cold” here and I don’t feel up to cold breakfasts. Since peanut butter toast is out, oatmeal it is. At least you can control how much of the flavour packet you want in these, that’s pretty nice.

IMG_0589.JPGThai is always safe. Fried tofu but they always skimp so I guess that works out this time.  Dinner was a huge salad exactly like the one I took a photo of on Monday night. I had soup planned but I didn’t feel like making it. That’s one of the problems with eating pretty clean. I have to cook. Or chop. I mean, lunch was okay but I didn’t have lunch to take with me because I planned poorly. Oh well.

2015-03-01 11.56.33

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