What I Ate Wednesday 3/25/2015


2015-03-17 08.13.30Morning! This month is going pretty quickly, though I’m missing the sugar. The only sugar I’ve been having is these oatmeal cups, with only half the packets. It’s fine, but yeah. Miss it. I probably miss bread more than sugar though, damn comfort food. Toast. Ugh. Don’t miss the stomach ache, but can’t wait to eat other stuff.

2015-03-08 17.49.31If there’s a salad option around my office I’ve had it.  So many greens, so little croutons. Have I mentioned I love croutons? I could probably write a whole month on croutons, and my love of them. I can’t wax poetic now though, they are little evil yeasty beasts and we’re not talking right now. Keep on leaving me voicemails too, punks. We’ll get together soon croutons, I promise!

2015-03-09 18.03.53And this is why I haven’t bothered with blog posts. I just did a whole paragraph about croutons. And it wasn’t fun or exciting. However, I did bbq and the only thing that didn’t make it on to the grill were the potatoes, mostly because they take too long. If I had pre boiled them they would have hit the grill as well. I love grilled veggies, and I had a plant burger since the ingredients looked safe. I need to get back to my grill, such awesome flavour from the charcoal I just hate the process of waiting for the coals to heat up.


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