Tealeaves Australian Breakfast Black Tea

We were wandering around The Rocks in Sydney and came upon The Tea Cosy, and I’m not one to pass up a tea shop. It was tucked in the back of a Celtic shop (they had pretty much all things mixed from the Isles, I wouldn’t call it Irish/Scottish/English by itself) and had a cafe. We weren’t really ready for a tea/coffee break but I couldn’t pass up buying tea. It was my major souvenir problem to be fair. I have tea to talk about for ages!

tealeaves-australian-breakfastThis one is from Tealeaves, which I have never heard of, but it seemed to be the stock tea in the shop. It actually has tea grown in Queensland as well as Assam. What do I think about it? Wow, it’s strong. It says it’s a medium breakfast blend but I find it strong and spicy. This one was blended knowing it needs milk and maybe sugar to mellow it out. It woke me up though, so there’s that!

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