T2 Melbourne Breakfast Tea

When I was in Australia I stumbled upon T2. Okay, not really stumbled, it was stocked my kickass hotel (1888 Hotel, best place besides the beach house we stayed) had T2 tea and I found myself in love. Then we ended up shopping and found out they are really popular and even in the mall.

Oh no, mall tea. I’m having such a meh time with my Teavana stuff I was bummed. But the stuff I had in the hotel was good so I bought some more and grabbed an (unsweet!!) iced tea on my way out of the QVB. The iced tea was awesome, too fruity for the husband who was lamenting all the iced teas in .au are sweet tea, but anyway, I’m glad I didn’t give up on T2.

2015-03-07 11.15.31I broke out this one first since Melbourne was top on the fun list, and was so surprised. English breakfast is default over there but this branding of “Melbourne” breakfast really shows that Melbs has personality. It smells divine, very full of vanilla! It’s honey and vanilla flavoured and very smooth. It is not what I would expect from a proper English cuppa and I’m so happy about that. The vanilla isn’t overpowering in the taste, it’s all about the smell and smoothness to be honest. There’s a slight smokey flavour due to the tea but it just really rounds out the cup on a whole. So good. I hope all the T2 I bought are going to live up to this one!

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