gogo gear leggingsI got these GoGo Gear leggings months ago and I totally forgot to post about it! How lame am I? I preordered these babies because:

1: Safety first
2: I still want to look cute
3: Something that actually fits is always a bonus point (that should probably be above “look cute” but hey, this is my blog!)

That’s sometimes too much to ask for in motorcycle gear. I know. It IS about safety but GoGo Gear has been trying to push some style into the sport. The husband has a hoodie from them and I’ve seen a few pieces or two around but it hasn’t been my style. Until I saw the leggings. My husband is all about trying to find me gear I like and he found these first (thanks Facebook!).

gogo gear leggings-2They are expensive. There. That’s out of the way. However,  if you are vain you tend not to ride on a budget. But let’s talk about the leggings themselves. They are so very comfortable, thick and really well made. And pockets! Yay pockets! Not very big but no added bulk. There is knee armor and it is not uncomfortable at all. The knees have some pleating details that take away from the look of the bulk since the leggings are tight (duh).

gogo gear leggings-4You can wear these under other pants if you wish, but I bought them to wear around town on the weekends without feeling super uncomfortable in say, the movie theatre that is a mile down the road on side streets. They don’t have hip armor and I think my Spidi Glance Pants are still my best option for commuting since I have quite a bit of highway, but these are an awesome weekend option for me. Sorry for looking so disheveled in the selfies, I had just gotten off my bike and was too spacey to get a photo of them WITH my bike. Oops. For reference, these are a 12, and pretty close to true pant size in my case.

gogo gear leggings-3


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