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My stomach has been a mess for months and all the signs are back. Yup. At first I just didn’t want to do anything, then I was getting ready for a vacation where food would be unknown (you read the diatribe about veg, not even vegan options down under). The candida growth in my stomach and intestines is back and pretty damn bad. Eating even just fresh veg leaves me sick and I just got my bloodwork back and it’s not pretty. Really damn sick, and I’ve been in a state of sick for too long. And I really hate to admit that too.

So, I got back from my trip, made it to the grocery store to pick up a ton of healthy anti-candida options (with some McDougall stuff mixed in), got some drugs and I’m on my way. CSA box back off of vacation hold. I don’t plan on doing zero sugar, it never worked for me, but 2 servings of fruit seems fine at the beginning (aka, I can have a few blueberries in my oatmeal and be okay, just not a pint). I also need beans but I’ll deal with lentils for as long as I can, however I need protein and carbs if I’m working out. Oh, I don’t cut out tea either, it’s never been a major contributor so at least I can write about that. Refined sugar and processed grains with yeast (my beloved bread) are my major problems for my issues. I’m not sensitive to gluten so oats are fine and I bulk up on brown rice which last time seemed okay. Nothing refined though.

The blog is going to be dull. Sorry. I just can’t be this sick anymore and sugar and yeast are just so bad for me right now. It’s not like I’m going to stop baking but I’m not going to eat it for a month or so. I can talk about my boring meals, or consider making something not so boring for a change. That’s a crazy idea! Hah!

2015-03-01 11.56.33Today is day 2 and I feel like hell. Still? More? I don’t know. It will pass once I can start to digest better. Been there, done that. I’m not doing the injection rounds though, they did help last time but I don’t have the patience. I was going to go swimming but I’m putting it off until tomorrow. Everything burns inside. Oy. Maybe in a few days eating won’t be such a damn chore.


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