Double Chocolate Oat Cookies

Double Chocolate Oat CookiesMy photo-foo is weak, so sorry about that. I’m trying to get back into baking and I didn’t check the photos before I delivered the cookies. Oopsie. I had a birthday to bake for at work and chocolate goes over well with almost everyone. But, instead of slaving over a cookie recipe, or something that took more than 5 minutes I played Dragon Age until it was late and I baked something super quick. I swear, baking can be a priority, just not this weekend. I had dragons to kill.

Double Chocolate Oat Cookies-2So fuzziness aside, these Double Chocolate Oat Cookies are the first thing I have baked since before my trip! I was riding my moto to work so I knew I had to make something portable and I have a list of cakes to try unfortunately. Oh well, right? I didn’t use regular oat flour, I had some oat bran and used that which pretty much changes the cookie. It made a neat texture and of course the taste was fine due to the two kinds of sugars.

Double Chocolate Oat Cookies-3

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