Wow, San Francisco Weather

melbourneday2-cbd-3Today we wandered around the Central Business District of Melbourne. We had breakfast in a cute cafe (I had museli) and then set out on this overcast SF like day to see what was around. It even rained a bit this evening. There’s lots of shopping and coffee to be had down here and we took full advantage.

melbourne-street-artMelbourne has some really badass street art. There’s a ton of alleys (that are not creepy) and there are some that host some really great art. There’s an art walk but we just wandered around, ducking from alley to alley looking for art. It was a pretty fun morning.


melbourneday2-cbd-13The afternoon was spent shopping and more wandering. Shoe shops (Ben did the damage this time), a huge comic shop and a lot of little boutiques. That’s a H&M above. Yeah. Weird huh? Melbourne is homey for me. It’s like Toronto and makes me feel calm. I really do love it around here though I’ve barely visited. I love all the architecture and the vibe. It’s multicultural and fresh.



melbourneday2-cbd-11This evening we hung out with a SF friend and had food and of course coffee. It was really nice to just chill and chat for a bit. Tomorrow we’re off to Phillip Island for a bit and I’m not sure about the internet there. I’m sure to have a LOT of motorcycle photos to upload though. Hehe.

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