What I Ate Wednesday 2/4/2015


2015-01-06 08.21.17I don’t even know what to say anymore about my food. Yeah. I’m at a loss for words. If I could take a decent photo once in a while I would almost go all photography blog on y’all. However, even if my words are chosen poorly, my photos do not hold up to themselves. So let’s get to breakfast. A half a juice and peanut butter toast.  Yes, I’m burnt out all around. Don’t worry, next week we’ll have a flurry of posts from AUSTRALIA. Yup. That’s happening.

2015-01-02 12.12.08So I’m allowed to get all sorts of boring with you in hopes that I will blog from another continent for a bit.  Where there is summer and the beach. So excited. Though I should work on my photos because my soba stir fry looks like crap. But hey, I posted. That’s pretty exciting. Well, not as exciting as Australia but now I’m just babbling. I should go bake something tonight. I’m missing sugar. 2015-01-15 17.29.37


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