There’s Rain In The Rainforest

IMG_0525-0.JPGHoly hell I’ve been trying to write this blog post for almost 24 hours. The damn wifi in the Cairns hotel was out half of the time or so slow everything timed out. And I didn’t get cell coverage to hotspot my phone. I know, first world problems. However, we’re all tucked in at a Melbourne hotel with high speed access and a great room. Except it was under my first name and almost gave me a panic attack. Anyway, got checked in.

IMG_0524-0.JPGYesterday we took the Skyrail, which is a gondola up through the rainforest.  We’re in the wet season so it was quite rainy and foggy on the way up. I didn’t mind one bit since fog is my favourite and it was a nice trip. I’m not one for heights but I made it okay.

IMG_0523-0.JPGWe ended up having a mostly sunny day in between rainstorms. You know, like Florida. We ended up in Kuranda which is a tourist trap but hey, we knew that. Think Santa Cruz with a few wildlife theme parks. Hippies and koalas. Hah.

IMG_0522-0.JPGBen wanted to do that damn Skyrail and I wanted to hug a fuzzy butt. So we got the best of both worlds while buying souvenirs and eating ice cream. I got to hug princess who was sleepy as hell. Supposedly they all are if they aren’t eating. My kind of bear. I kind of felt way over tourist things though after this. Meh.

cairnsday3-shan--princess-koalaWe took the train back and got “gold” service. Which was nice. Snacks and drinks (alcohol/whatever) which were included. Also, our train car was nice and spacious and half empty which was a miracle with all the tourists. Well worth the upgrade for sure.


cairnsday3-kuranda-19We got better views of the falls from the train, it was raining out again but it was so beautiful. We went by another which was right up close, no zoom needed. The one above is Barron Falls, it’s a hydro source and has a lot of history. Overall. It was a nice day and a good way to leave Cairns.


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