Then We Found Bats


sydneyday4-darling-harbour-again-2When we last left off I was hungry in Sydney. Yup. Well, this morning we found a good cafe and actually got some food. Not much time to spend wandering around so we just went on a nice little humid walk around for a bit until we had to catch a cab to the airport.

cairnsday1-wanderingSo we headed to Cairns. Did you know that you don’t have to take off your shoes, belt, or even show ID to fly domestic in Australia?  Seriously. My bag went through a scan and they had a metal detector but that’s about it. However, you cannot bring a coffee on the flight (that you bought past security), that’s against the rules. Oh, you crazy kids.


cairnsday1-wandering-3We arrived in Cairns safely to our ghetto hotel. I was so taken aback. I didn’t even mention our cool boutique hotel in Sydney, it was badass. Really. This hotel sucks balls. It’s old, there’s stains everywhere and the wifi is “down for a bit”. Looks like the bed is broken too. When you run the sink the toilet water runs. Joy. Anyway, Cairns feels like Florida… with bats. Yup. There’s a huge population here and we had no idea until we went out for dinner and there were swarms and swarms. Nary a bat trinket to be had however, go figure. It’s cyclone season and going to be wet and rainstorms the whole time we are here. It’s quite humid and we got caught in a few downpours already. Good thing I got a trusty umbrella in Sydney. It has a 12 month warranty!



Dinner was shitty but that was my fault for picking the wrong place. We ran into a couple from Long Island who gave us some recommendations since the wife was veg and they had been here a few days.


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