The Day I Drove A Car To The Motorcycle Track

phillip-island-day2-wsbkday1-14Man, driving to the motorcycle races kind of sucked. Lots of parking and such but if you take a bike you can put it anywhere. At least I stayed in my lane and even reversed into a spot on grass. Go me! Lots of bikes randomly under big trees hanging out which would have been so nice. It was warm in the sun and the next two days should be hotter. We’ll bring more water tomorrow.

phillip island wsbkThe Phillip Island track is nice.  We found out while talking to the California Superbike School (yeah, I had to say hi) that they would rent us a few BMWs to go around the track on Monday but to be fair I’m not up for some track loops. I’m getting tired and I need to relax a bit, but that’s a cool idea.

phillip-island-day2-wsbkday1-6I’d rather be on this stunter. We saw the KTM flags flying high so wandered by. It’s a local guy who stunts. I’m sure he’s nice and all, he was more into hanging with his friends than meeting us yanks I guess. Plus, I don’t have much in common with stunters besides orange stuff.


phillip-island-day2-wsbkday1-10Today was about trying to figure out my camera (the zoom lens works best I think) and  we asked the dude above which turns we should head out to. Funny, the turn he pointed out we saw a big wipe out, so we’ll head over there tomorrow or Sunday or both.




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